Decoding Biological and Transgenerational

Stresses is a therapeutic approach based on

uncovering our subconscious stresses.


It must be understood as complementary to

Medicine (or other therapies). It is neither

alternative (since strength lies in union) nor

parallel (since, by definition, they never

meet). It cannot and must not replace

Medicine under any circumstances.


Moreover, this approach is neither

a philosophy nor an ideology and,

even less so, a doctrine : it is just a tool

for analysis and self-comprehension.


Finally, it cannot be blamed for any

misuse made of it, including

in any sectarian way.


Decoding Biological and Transgenerationnal Stresses


stremming from the impact of our distant animal

and pre-historic origins on our lives and health :

Another way of looking at our illnesses,

blocks or existential difficulties.


To maintain that a symptom is logical may sound absolu-

tely mad ! However, very often a symptom is the unwan-

ted consequence of a natural mechanism for survival and

adaptation to environmental pressures which is as old as

life itself.


In very many cases, whether physical or mental, the symp-

tom is a kind of perfectly consistent biological assistance

programme set in motion by our brain in order to try to

come to our help whenever it believes, rightly or wrongly,

we are in danger.


This is because our archaic brain has a very curious way

of appraising our stresses and fears, since it reacts as if

we were still facing the harsh realities and dangers of life

in the wild.


The fact is that our physical or mental illnesses, our psy-

chological blocks, our behaviour or our existential difficul-

ties are very often the consequence of a dreadful misun-

derstanding between human thought and our primitive



The objective of decoding biological stresses is to decipher

the animal fear induced by a given human experience in

order to understand the logic of the symptom.


Decoding trans-generational stresses, in turn, allows us to

understand how and why an event that happened before

our birth can have a huge influence on our life our life

and/or our health.


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To learn more about decoding biological and transgenera-

tional stresses, I would recommend the following reading :


Lecture : "Introduction to Decoding Biological and

Transgenerationnal Stresses”. This document summarises

the main principles of this approach.


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Books :


la LOGIQUE du SYMPTÔME (in French)


la BIO-LOGIQUE du SURMOI (in French)


la LÓGICA del SÍNTOMA (in Spanish)


la BIO-LÓGICA del SUPEREGO (in Spanish)


These books explains all the principles behind this

approach. They are illustrated by a large number of

real cases. They will be soon available in English.


More details in French - in Spanish


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Fascinated by the origins of mankind, its archaic

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tincts, some subjects which may help, in many

cases, to understand the root causes of our phy-

sical illnesses, our psychic blocks or existential

difficulties in general.